Yokohama Ma Zhu Miao is aimed for the completion in February 2006, at the place where the Consulate of Country Shin used to be located.
Voices of expectation for Ma Zhu Miao, Goddess of the Sea, being built had been strongly appeared for the last 20 years in Yokohama China Town, there was the fact that some people had been searching for the land for it. The record shows that it was enshrined in the Consulate of Country Shin and Quan Di Myao for 140 years. Residents opposed the construction of a apartment when the talking came out last year, due to a perspective of "Citizen-based town planning". To solve the problem we have decided to purchase the land and build Ma Zhu Miao. The revival of Ma Zhu Miao would have been only a little hope if there were no friendly understanding of Daikyo Co., Ltd., and also the passion of the people of China Town. We were pleased to hear that it had a most satisfied the splendid condition from Mr. Yang (Master of "Divination for selecting an ideal place") , who was invited from Hong Kong. We would appreciate for a given chance of having an epoch to build Ma Zhu Miao which was our hearts desire being led by a immeasurable big power. And also we will devote to protect the Goddess forever in this Yokohama. We would like to ask for your support and cooperation.
  Yokohama Ma Zhu Miao
Chairman Kensei Hayashi
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